Each of our Out-of-Home divisions negotiates the right to sell advertising across a broad distribution of media platforms, including digital and static billboards and other outdoor media. This business comprises:

  • Primedia Outdoor – Our outdoor advertising business in South Africa and across the continent
  • Primedia Retail – Provides retail advertising solutions

Primedia Outdoor

Primedia Outdoor is the premier provider of Out of Home media solutions within South Africa and the Rest of Africa. A Level 1 BBBEE contributor, Primedia Outdoor is currently the largest wholly South-African owned outdoor advertising media specialist offering national outdoor exposure throughout South Africa and high reach in key markets in the Rest of Africa. We own over 15 000 advertising panels across South Africa, with a further 4 000+ panels across the Rest of Africa, offering national and international outdoor exposure to our valued clients. Primedia Outdoor offers flexible coverage of the entire LSM/SEM spectrum, targeting cosmopolitan consumers in major urban areas through to those living in rural communities.

Primedia Outdoor delivers exposure opportunities across Roadside, Commuter and Mall environment with a mix of outdoor media platforms and audience targeting solutions. Our offering includes high-end digital displays, airport advertising, freeway and suburban spectaculars, street furniture, as well as static advertising and digital screens in key super regional to community-based malls.

Primedia Outdoor’s state-of-the-art digital assets are fully equipped with dynamic capabilities which delivers engaging and memorable Outdoor media campaigns harnessed by the latest technology. Primedia Outdoor’s dynamic capabilities offer opportunities for:

  • Dynamic messaging triggered by weather-based applications including pollen and air pollution
  • Live sports score updates and/or event streaming in real-time
  • Social Wall whereby linking live feeds from social media platforms tobe displayed onto digital out-of-home assets
  • Radio to Road, multi-channel solution that enables audio and visual channel synchronicity
  • Prime (i) Road, and Mall (anonymous vehicle and facial recognition) ideal for target specific

Contact Person: Peter Lindstrom (Sales Executive)
Contact Email: peterl@primeoutdoor.co.za
Tel: +27 11 4751419

Address: 4th Floor, Entrance 5, Falcon View House, Constantia Office Park,
C/o 14th Avenue & Hendrik Potgieter Road, Weltevreden Park Roodepoort 1709
(Google maps)

Primedia Retail

Primedia Retail is a leading out-of-home media provider in South Africa. Since its inception in September 2004, it has grown into a formidable presence in South Africa’s media marketplace by offering ‘impossible to ignore’ platforms that constantly strive to bring innovation to the media industry. Key business areas include large format outdoor, mall, retail environment and lifestyle spaces.

Contact Person: Yumna Jadwat (Executive Assistant to CEO & COO)
Contact Email: yumna@primeretail.co.za
Tel: +27 10 300 5100

Address: Block C, 151 5th Street, Sandown, Sandton, 2196 (Google maps)

Primedia Instore

Primedia Instore has over 35 years’ in-store media expertise, specialising in the installation, maintenance and removal of point of sale media on behalf of FMCG clients. With a national universe of leading retail, pharmacy and liquor chains, Primedia Instore has the largest retail footprint to ensure your brand is showcased through the right media, in the right places and to the right consumers. Our unique and innovative media solutions maximise brand presence and engage directly with consumers at the point of purchase.

Primedia Instore holds advertising rights in Pick n Pay, Pick n Pay Liquor, Clicks, Dis-Chem, Spar and Tops Liquor stores.

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Primedia Instore

Contact Person: Stefan Abro (Marketing and Trade Rights Manager)
Contact Email: stefana@primeinstore.co.za
Tel: +27 10 300 5150

Address: Block C, 151 5th Street, Sandown, Sandton, 2196 (Google maps)

Wideopen Platform

Providing relevant and impactful large-format outdoor media and airport advertising, Wideopen offers advertisers strategic, spatially dominant and environmentally integrated outdoor advertising such as mega building wraps, temporary construction site branding, dominant airport advertising and inner-city packages.

Wideopen has proudly unveiled Digital Out-of-Home as a new focus within our business. This technology-driven platform, breaking new ground internationally, allows advertisers to achieve high resolution tactical messaging, campaign flexibility, day-part message management and real-time updates. As a leader in innovation and South African market firsts, Wideopen Platform continues to boldly push boundaries and reinvent the South African out-of-home landscape like no other.

Contact Person: Phila Dlamini (Sales/Marketing)
Contact Email: phila@wideopenplatform.com
Tel: +27 860 200 300

Address: 112 Pybus Road, Sandton, 2196 (Google maps)


TLC (Targeted Lifestyle Communication) introduced the concept of washroom advertising to the South African market in 1996, offering a plethora of advertising platforms such as standard and talking frames, cubicle wraps and treadmill branding. TLC’s offering to brands includes bars, restaurants, cinemas, mall environments, gyms, universities, airports, medical centres and various nightlife spaces.

The business also offers fitting room exposure in Jet, Jetmart, Ackermans, Edgars and Legit stores across South Africa and also allows brands to advertise in hair salons, barber shops and kiddies’ hair salons nationally.

Contact Person: Andrew Solomon (Managing Director)
Contact Email: andrew@tlc-media.co.za
Tel: +27 10 300 5100

Address: Block C, 151 5th Street, Sandown, Sandton, 2196 (Google maps)


X/procure’s ever increasing national footprint enables more than 63% of SA pharmacies (utilising electronic procurement software) to purchase scheduled and OTC pharmaceutical, surgical and front shop requirements directly from wholesalers and distributors. X/procure facilitates electronic advertising directly to the pharmacist, allowing advertisers the unique opportunity to present and promote their products whilst  buying and ordering decisions are being made.

Contact Person: Corne Korb (Managing Director)
Contact Email: corne@xprocure.com
Tel: 010 300 5100

Address: Block C, 151 5th Street, Sandown, Sandton, 2196 (Google maps)

XP Digital

XP Digital’s advertising platform enables brand exposure directly to consumers in retail pharmacies. A subsidiary of Primedia Unlimited, XP Digital has sole advertising rights to 42” Full HD and SOC LED screens located at dispensaries in Dis-Chem and Pick ‘n Pay pharmacies nationwide; attracting a diverse and shopping-focused audience. XP Digital screens are strategically located in areas where there is high dwell time and consumers have little else to do but view the screens which feature compelling advertising and entertainment-orientated content. Thereafter, consumers make their way to the point of sale increasing the prosperity to buy by more than 60%.

Contact Person: Corne Korb (Managing Director)
Contact Email: corne@xprocure.com
Tel: 010 300 5100

Address: Block C, 151 5th Street, Sandown, Sandton, 2196 (Google maps)