Today we honour the passing of George Bizos, a man whose legacy in South Africa will echo through time. In life, he truly walked his talk – standing firmly against injustice wherever he found it. We thank him for his contribution to the creation of a democratic South Africa, and we honour the role he continued to play as we navigate our evolving landscape,” says Geraint Crwys-Williams, acting CEO of Primedia Broadcasting.

Renowned and respected human rights lawyer, George Bizos, played a defining role in shaping credible, responsible and principled media self-regulation at the Primedia Group, when he agreed to act as its inaugural internal ombudsman in March 2014.

Crwys-Williams continues, “The Primedia Group was privileged to have had him serve as our inaugural internal ombudsman, where his approach to fair, transparent and impartial process became the cornerstone of our accountable media mandate.  We are grateful for his insights, his commitment to freedom of expression and ethical journalism, and his willingness to work with us as we shaped Primedia into the organisation it is today.”

As internal ombudsman, Advocate Bizos regulated the organisation’s adherence to fair, factual and balanced reporting, as well as the Group’s commitment to non-interference in editorial matters.