Once again, Primedia Outdoor celebrated Valentine’s day in big fashion with the launch of the #PrimediaBigLove campaign. The campaign invited members of the public to send their friends, colleagues and family members, love messages on Twitter or Facebook, following which they were instantaneously flighted onto Primedia Outdoors’s roadside and mall digital screens nationally.

The socially media driven Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) campaign delivered a new way for people to share sentiments with loved ones. Participants were rewarded with proof of their public declaration of love with images of the broadcasted messages shared on Primedia’s social media pages.

The #PrimediaBigLove campaign performed exceptionally well, receiving a total of 340 social media posts throughout the day – a 55% increase in consumer engagement from the previous year. The campaign received 180 tweets overall, yielding 5 293 organic impressions, whilst 160 love messages got shared on Facebook. In addition, Primedia Outdoors’s Facebook page received 616-page views and 50 new page likes.

“We wanted to create a fun and interactive campaign designed to deliver an unforgettable experience as well as, showcase how Digital Out-of-Home can be a strategic platform for direct consumer responses”, said Jorja Wilkins, Marketing Services Executive of Primedia Outdoor. “We continuously strive to push boundaries in delivering notable engaging campaigns by leveraging our Digital assets with new technology to create seamless multi-channel Digital Out-of-Home advertising solutions”, she added.

This fully automated digital campaign is a true testament of the synergistic effect between Digital Out-of-Home and Social Media and serves to prove the immediacy and interactive capability of DOOH.